Petri & Haugsted -
more than cables and pipes

Petri & Haugsted is a specialist civil engineering contractor. We provide the services needed to maintain and develop the infrastructure in Denmark. With the establishment of our new civil engineering department, we have strengthened the skills within site development, urban renewal and urban spaces. Our civil engineering department provides a wide range of services from pavement renovation and urban renewal projects to establishment of new paving and green spaces.
Our expertise comprises:
• Communication cables, fibre & tele
• Power cables, 0.4-400 kV
• Pipelines
• Sewer and drainage work
• Sett paving and road surfacing
• Urban renewal and urban spaces
• Green areas and open spaces

We supply optimum solutions to support our customers’ business activities and requirements. The projects comprise the initial concept phase, design and execution to handing-over. A constant focus on quality, customer satisfaction – also our customers’ customer satisfaction – and of course handing-over on time is a top priority.

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