The paver apprentice is proud of his results

Ahmad Nabuis received his apprentice certificate in March 2014

- I was very fortunate to serve my apprenticeship at Petri & Haugsted, and it has been an important step of my career. I have been working on some big projects. Furthermore, the wage level is high and the working environment is good, so when I was offered a permanent job after my apprenticeship, I accepted of course.

My apprentice projects in Copenhagen comprise paving of the square Dantes Plads and a new pavement all the way along the street Vester Voldgade. When I am in Copenhagen with friends or family, I will point and say: “I have made that in the middle of the winter!” That makes me very proud.

The working conditions at Petri & Haugsted are very good. If I need any tools, I just call the workshop and the next morning, the tools are ready for me. When I was halfway through my apprenticeship, I lacked challenges, and immediately, my contract was changed. I enjoy that I never know what my workday will bring – there is a work task ready for me, and then it is just about getting started! Also the working environment is great with focus on safety. The employees are always friendly and the foremen make sure that safety comes first.

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