Connecting to the future

Petri & Haugsted has a long tradition within the civil engineering industry. We were there when the Danish rail network was established, and we helped establish the infrastructure within telecommunications and electricity supply on Sealand. Today, we are engaged in the roll-out of the fibre-optic broadband, and we are a part of large-scale projects for the Copenhagen Metro and rehabilitation of squares and roads. In other words, we have created the past, and we are always at the forefront of the future!

Good craftsmanship and sound values

With our broad range of skills, Petri & Haugsted is able to cover both main contracts and turnkey contracts. We carry out burial of cables and establish fibre and telecommunication network or electricity. We also establish pressurised systems for water, gas and wastewater, and we roll up our sleeves to carry out sewer, drainage and paving work. Irrespective of the type of work, we measure ourselves by our customers' satisfaction. Open dialogue, trust and delivery on time are our criteria of success.

Strong positioning with unique IT management

When we work on large framework agreements, we offer a customised case management system which minimises our customers’ administration and increases efficiency considerably. We use a strong quality management system for all our projects, ensuring all parts of the process.

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